RDC2MT project will follow the H2020 Programme Rules on Open Access to Scientific Publications. All the papers can be downloaded from Zenodo.


Real-time data of live demostration sites

Aston University European Bioenergy Research Institute


Journal papers

1. Ruichi Wang, Jiande Wu, Zhongnan Qian, Zhengyu Lin, and Xiangning He, 'A graph theory based energy routing algorithm in Energy Local Area Network (e-LAN)', IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Volume: 13, Issue: 6, Dec. 2017, Page(s): 3275 - 3285 (Zenodo download)


2. Yue Zhu, Jiande Wu, Ruichi Wang, Zhengyu Lin, and Xiangning He, 'Embedding Power Line Communication in Photovoltaic Optimizer by Modulating Data in Power Control Loop', IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, vol in press, (Zenodo download)


Conference papers

1. Fulong Li, Zhengyu Lin, Zhongnan Qian and Jiande Wu, "Active DC Bus Signaling Control Method for Coordinating Multiple Energy Storage Devices in DC Microgrid",  IEEE second International Conference on DC Microgrids (ICDCM), June 2017, Nürnberg, Germany (Zenodo download)


Presentation files

1. Active DC Bus Signaling Control Method for Coordinating Multiple Energy Storage Devices in DC Microgrids by Fulong Li, Aston University, in ICDCM 2017

2. Affine Arithmetic Formulation of the Unit Commitment Problem Under Uncertainty by Prof. Claudio Cañizares, University of Waterloo, in IREP 2017

3. Simultaneous Power and Information Transfer Technology for DC Microgrid Applications by Zhengyu Lin, Aston University, Seminar in Shandong University, Dec 2017


1st RDC2MT project ESR Poster Competition Posters (7th June 2018)

1. Evangelos Kalamaras, Meltiani Belekoukia, Huizhi Wang , and Jin Xuan, "Techno-economic Assessment of a Hybrid Off-grid DC System for Combined Heat and Power Generation in Remote Islands"
2. Fulong Li, "Hierarchical Control in DC Microgrids"
3. Lijun Zhang, and Fei Wang, "Research and Application of Bi-directional DC/DC Converters for DC Microgrid"
4. Ming Li, "The Grid Impedance Adaptation Dual Mode Control Strategy in Weak Grid"
5. Nils H. van der Blij, "DC Distribution Grid Management"
6. Ruichi Wang, "Communication Integrated DC-DC Converters for DC Microgrid"


EU Horizon 2020

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 734796.