15th November 2018 -- Our research outcomes disseminated by RDC2MT researchers

It has been a busy few months for RDC2MT researchers to disseminate the research outcomes of our project.

In August, Dr Bin Xu, Dr Jin Xuan and Dr Huizhi Wang attended ICAE 2018 in Hong Kong. In September, Fulong Li from Aston University attended IEEE ECCE 2018 in Portland, USA. In October, Muhannad Alshareef from Aston University attend ICRERA 2018 in Paris, France. In November, Zhi Qiao from Aston University attended IET APSCOM 2018 in Hong Kong. Also, in September, we were invited to attend H2020 RISE project GreenDC’s 1st project workshop in Ionian University, Corfu, Greece.

All the conference papers can be found here.