7th June 2018 -- RDC2MT Project 2nd Workshop and 1st ESR Poster Competition

The 2nd RDC2MT project workshop was held on 7th June 2018 in TU Delft. More than 20 researchers from 9 project partners attended the workshop.

The workshop topic was “Research collaboration on DC microgrids between European and Chinese partners”. Prof. Xiangning He (IEEE Fellow) from Zhejiang University, China, gave an introduction of the recent Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) funded project on DC microgrid. It is a match funding project for RDC2MT project, and it also has its own research objectives. Future collaboration opportunities between European and Chinese partners were discussed in details, and action plans were made after the discussion.

RDC2MT the 1st Early Stage Researchers (ESR) Poster Competition was held in this project workshop. We received quite a few high quality posters for this competition. All workshop participants voted their favorite posters, and Ph.D student Ruichi Wang from Zhejiang University won the price of Outstanding Winner.