June 2017 -- RDC2MT team members attended the 2nd IEEE ICDCM conference

The Second IEEE International Conference on DC microgrids (ICDCM) 2017 was held at Nurnberg, Germany in June 2017.

RDC2MT consortium members from Aston University, TU Delft, DCBV, CSEM and Xiamen University attended the conference and presented their research findings.

Harry Stokman from DCBV gave a panel speach of "DC in the Netherlands" on Tuesday, 27th June, and Prof. Pavol Bauer from TU Delft gave a keynote speach of "How direct will the future electricity be?" on Thursday 29th June.

Ph.D student Fulong Li from Aston University presented his research paper on Wednesday 28th June, "Active DC Bus Signaling Control Method for Coordinating Multiple Energy Storage Devices in DC Microgrid", which is a joint research work between Aston University and Zhejiang University.