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Direct Current BV has been established with the mission of making DC possible. To achieve this goal, there are many obstacles to overcome and we focus mainly on the technical hurdles. Many elements for DC grids are absent since the whole world focuses on AC products. To make a DC grid possible we need to innovate a lot.


We are making innovations for the following issues:

  • Developing a standard system where DC and communication merge: DC2.
  • Safety and selectivity in the DC grid: we develop DC automation and safety systems. Developing a standard for safety classes.
  • Voltage levels: we do a lot of research on finding the best standard, there are many initiatives in this area, but these are all developed regarding a specific application. We work from top down to enable a broad application of DC grids in homes, industry, and distribution of medium and low voltage.
  • Infrastructure: for large installations with high currents, we develop special DC busses (e.g., in horticulture, data centers or industry).
  • Converters: there are many types of converters needed within the standard of communication and voltage range. We develop these converters from several kilowatts to thousands of kilowatts. Where two quadrant operation, durability, efficiency and raw materials are central.

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Team members

Harry Stokman
Harry Stokman is European leading expert on DC and has been active for more than 30 years as an entrepreneur and developer in the DC business. With his team of developers he is currently working to develop a smart DC system and to achieve a safe, reliable and sustainable energy network. These innovations in DC and smart grids are being deployed in the Netherlands and abroad. As a member of the IEC System Committee LVDC, and member of the workgroups SEC4 LVDC and SEG6 Microgrids, he is substantially involved with the DC standardisation. Furthermore, he puts a lot of energy promoting DC in society and education. For example, he regularly gives lectures at universities on the subject of DC. Two Dutch universities have worked together with him to set up a study in Electrical Engineering. Politically, he is nationally active in a political working group on energy infrastructure. 

Direct Current BV DC Team

EU Horizon 2020

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 734796.

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